Successful long-term investing requires knowing when to take risks and when to preserve capital.

Investment Philosophy

Annapurna is focused on exploiting market inefficiencies, challenging conventional wisdom, in its quest for value. This starts with our ability to assess investments creatively and from a forward-looking perspective over prevailing status quo sentiments. We are passionate about turning these investments into lively, successful, and defensible real estate businesses.

The key ingredient to our Company’s success combines not just the identification of value and prudent capital structures, but also the maximizing of value through our hands-on, value-engineering, and operationally focused methodology. We emphasize the importance of conducting detailed end-user analysis, rigorous research, and thoughtful due diligence of our business plans in order maximize returns in assets that are positioned for future value appreciation. This analysis goes beyond traditional firms –our operating horizons extend throughout the life of a project (not just stopping after the acquisition and construction have been completed). It’s how we take a value investment and make it more valuable.

Our primary objective is alignment of interest with our investors. When a project passes through diligence and meets our criteria, we are then considering only the most compelling opportunities. It is this discipline that sets us apart.