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    Annual income greater than $200K, joint income greater than $300K, or net worth greater than $1M (excluding primary residence).


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    Investable assets greater than $5M.


    Roughly how much would you consider investing in real estate over the next 12 months?

    Please note that our investment minimum is $50,000.

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    What best describes your reason(s) for seeking direct investments in real estate?

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    DiversificationCash FlowReturn PotentialTax BenefitsOpportunity ZonesTangible Asset ValueOther

    What is your experience investing in real estate?

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    Directly-owned rental propertyFundsDirect deal with rental operatorsCrowdfundingNoneOther

    How would you best describe the degree of risk / return profile you are seeking for your investments with Annapurna Partners?

    Typically, the higher the expected returns of an investment or strategy, the greater the risk of loss.

    ConservativeModerately ConservativeModerateModerately AggressiveAggressive

    Which best describes your investing style?

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    I value time and would like to automate my investments as much as I canI value choice and would like to make every decision myself when it comes to my investments

    How did you hear about Annapurna Partners?

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    Referred by Annapurna InvestorI know a Annapurna employeePress & MediaAdvertisementsOnline ResearchMy Investment AdvisorAnnapurna Partners EventsOther

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    Now30 days6 months12 monthsI am just playing

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