Annapurna Partners

Investment Pillars


Mismanaged, distressed, or suffering

Special, Unique, and Irreplaceable

Supply-constrained locations with intrinsic value


Opportunities that create certainty prior to closing


Properties located within rapid growth micro markets

Investment Strategy

Annapurna’s investment approach is opportunistic and flexible. Our flagship strategy is to invest in relationship-driven, off- market opportunities that often have large barriers to entry.

We seek value-add, middle market real estate investments that are triggered by special situations, distress, market trends, and/or proprietary market intelligence. Unlike traditional investors Annapurna is drawn to mismanaged, under-capitalized, distressed or otherwise complex situations. Sometimes these opportunities are produced by a unique set of challenging circumstances brought to us by our trusted intermediaries. Other times opportunity and value are created by proactively focusing on a compelling micro investment thesis that is based on growth or insider market intelligence.

Whether the strategy is to focus on a subset of a specific asset class or a high-growth neighborhood, our market thesis gains traction as we pair intensive research with the intelligence we gather from our long-standing industry contacts.

Our team has extensive experience working the following asset classes: retail, office, multi-family, single-family, and land. We purchase existing assets as well as develop from the ground up. Although we have a myriad of experience across types, we are asset class and geography agnostic. We believe markets to always be fluid, so our fundamental real estate investment and risk analysis must reflect these ever-changing conditions. While we believe local expertise is essential, we place more emphasis on finding compelling opportunities that may be appropriately structured for our specialized partnerships.

Annapurna Partners pursues both debt and equity investments.


We direct investments into both existing assets as well as property for development and redevelopment. These investments often require $2-30 million in equity.

We are currently seeking land for immediate build-to-suit or future development inventory, development sites with in-place income, distressed commercial loans, central business district and suburban offices, apartments (50+ units of market rate, senior, student, and affordable), retail, Senior Housing (100+ units independent living, assisted Living, and memory care facilities), Hotels/Motels 100+ units, and mixed-use properties.