Our Values

Innovation/Thinking Big

Growth and ability to innovate requires the ability to always think creatively, always increase our knowledge, and always strive to better ourselves as individuals and as a company. We embrace innovation – anything from a brilliant new concept to a minor (but no less important) improvement in how we do things. It’s at our core.

Execution Through Initiative

We roll up our sleeves, dig in, and come to work every day searching for better outcomes. We know we must work relentlessly to tackle tough problems, be proactive, and see things through. Our culture is self-driven in a way that constantly pushes our work forward, always doing what needs to be done to succeed.


People trust us to keep our word and maintain confidence. We hold ourselves to the highest standards in everything we do by making good choices, and always doing what we say we will do. We value the trust placed in us by our investors and partners and always exhibit the utmost integrity in our actions, both during and after the investment process

Owning Outcomes

Our ultimate goals are to achieve success for each our stakeholders. Full responsibility for our actions and performance is always present. We believe that we are obligated to look at ourselves closely and ask ourselves what can be done to improve.


Full disclosure and transparency allows for rapid growth, learning, and trust. This is the bedrock needed for long-lasting relationships.


We value teamwork and the benefits gained by understanding the strengths of the talent around us. We know each team member has unique abilities than can be combined with other team members’ abilities so that our collective genius can be amplified. It is the reason our team reaches far better results together than alone.


Intensity is the energy that drives us forward. We set high expectations, believe nothing is impossible, and commit ourselves to achieve our goals. Expectations are for team members to go farther than the distance, apply all their unique talents to the task at hand, and act with clarity, intention, and grit.