Who We Are

Annapurna Partners is a private real estate investment, development and management firm. We identify commercial real estate opportunities by taking an entrepreneurial approach to create stakeholder value. Our strategies are opportunistic or value add, focusing on building value and mitigating risk, while leveraging relationships with our large network of strategic sponsors and advisors throughout the United States.

Based in Fort Lauderdale, FL, Annapurna Partners employs a strong team of corporate, financial, and operational professionals. This team identifies, analyzes, develops, and operates investments from start to finish. With diverse backgrounds covering real estate finance, construction, acquisitions, development, property management, private equity, brokerage, and banking, we possess a unique ability to assemble strategic partnerships and pursue larger, value-add intensive investments. The marriage of operational capabilities with investment experience gives Annapurna a competitive edge, allowing the team to prudently evaluate unique opportunities and identify new trends, inconsistencies or potential value plays.

Although our team has specializations, as an organization we do not focus on particular asset classes or geographical locations. Instead, we invest in unique circumstances and trends from a variety of asset classes that are generate outsized returns.