Annapurna Partners provides ultra-high-net-worth, individuals, families, and organizations access to customized institutional quality real estate investment solutions that are managed with the highest standards of transparency and professionalism.

We provide our investor clients a unique capital platform that actively manages its investments; thereby maximizing value and producing outsized returns whether through credit or equity positions.

Choosing the right opportunities requires us to be highly selective with our resources. This is why we only perform extensive due diligence on a small subset of the projects that are identified, ultimately investing in a select few risk-adjusted opportunities.

Our investors recognize and trust in our ability to manage risk, act as their fiduciary, and adhere to our strict investment philosophy. This approach deploys investments with prudent capital structures that hedge market risk with a defensive investment stance. All situations are managed with utmost integrity, and feature full disclosure and reporting transparency at all times. From this discipline we strive to provide strong investment returns reliably through all points in the economic cycle.

The Annapurna Partners’ sponsored private equity syndication platform facilitates our investor clients to opt in or out of opportunities that suit their objectives, while allowing further investment diversity across real estate asset classes and geography. We offer a multitude of investment vehicles including direct private equity syndications, managed separate accounts, and institutional joint ventures.

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